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Data by Task

1) Climate
2a) Watershed
2b) San Francisco Bay
3) Delta
4) Sediment
5) Contaminants
6) Invasive species
7) Fish

Project data are posted on this website as it becomes available.

Watershed data for all scenarios (, 39 MB)

California Delta Watershed Data (7/14/2009)

The monthly watershed data include flows and stream temperatures at many locations throughout the watershed for the four climate scenarios in CASCaDE. Daily and monthly results for all four scenarios (GFDL-A2, GFDL-B1, PCM-A2, and PCM-B1) are in the zipped file in the left column of this page. The daily flow data include disaggregated versions of the monthly CALSIM outputs and Bay-wide salinity projections. The monthly data are described next, and the daily data are described below under Daily Data.

Monthly Delta Flows

The file deltaflows.dat contains Delta flows, exports, and consumptive use projections for the period 1/2001-12/2099. All units are cubic feet per second (CFS) monthly averages. The rows correspond to the month and year given in the first two columns, and the data columns are as follows (left to right):


  1. Yolo Bypass
  2. Sacramento River (Hood)
  3. Mokelumme and Cosomnes Rivers
  4. San Joaquin (Vernalis)
  5. Delta Outflow


  1. Vallejo Exports
  2. North Bay Aqueduct Exports
  3. CCWD Exports
  4. Tracy+Banks Exports
  5. Delta Consumption Unit 1
  6. Delta Consumption Unit 2
  7. Delta Consumption Unit 3
  8. Delta Consumption Unit 4

Monthly Stream Temperatures

Monthly Stream Flows

This file streamtemps.dat contains monthly average stream temperatures in degrees F. Rows are months from 1/2001-12/2099 (the USBR stream temperature model uses Julian years); columns correspond to locations given in the table "US Bureau of Reclamation Monthly Temperature Model Location of Temperature Output Nodes". The corresponding column number in the data file (ordered from left to right) is given in the column labeled "Data Column" for each location. The locations are also available in a PDF file.

The file streamflows.dat contains the monthly flow data (in CFS) corresponding to the stream temperature data in the file "streamtemps.dat". The rows (dates) and columns (locations) correspond to the rows and columns in that file.

Monthly Reservoir Inflows

The file res_inflows.dat contains monthly inflows to the major reservoirs for the months 1/2001-12/2099 to correspond with the data in "streamtemps.dat" and "streamflows.dat". The data columns are as follows, with units in CFS:

  1. Trinity River into Trinity Lake
  2. Sacramento River into Shasta
  3. Feather River into Lake Oroville
  4. Yuba River outflow (to Feather)
  5. American River into Auburn above Folsom
  6. Local inflows to Folsom
  7. Stanislaus River into New Melones Reservoir
  8. Tuolumme River into Don Pedro Reservoir
  9. Merced River into Lake McClure
  10. San Joaquin River into Millerton Reservoir

Monthly Reservoir Storage

Monthly Reservoir Outflows

The file res_storage.dat contains monthly storage levels in the major reservoirs for the months 1/2001-12/2099. The data columns are as follows, with units thousand acre feet (TAF):

  1. Trinity
  2. Whiskeytown
  3. Shasta
  4. Oroville
  5. Folsom
  6. New Melones Reservoir
  7. Don Pedro Reservoir
  8. Lake McClure
  9. Millerton Reservoir

The file res_outflows.dat contains monthly outflows from the major reservoirs for the months 1/2001-12/2099. The data columns are as follows, with units in CFS:

  1. Trinity
  2. Shasta
  3. Oroville
  4. Folsom
  5. New Melones Reservoir
  6. Don Pedro Reservoir
  7. Lake McClure
  8. Millerton Reservoir

Monthly Salmon Mortality Model Output

The folder salmort contains output files (percent loss and monthly mean water temperatures) from the USBR salmon mortality models for the American, Feather, Sacramento, Stanislaus, and Trinity Rivers, which should be self-explanatory.

Original Monthly DSS Format Processing Files

The folder dss_files contains all the original dss files from which the above data were extracted. There are a lot more data in these files, including flows throughout the system, reservoir surface areas, water project deliveries, and many more. These are provided for completeness, and can be read using the DSS file reader at

Daily Data

Daily Delta Inflows

Daily Stream Flows

The file deltaflows.dat in the daily_data directory contains estimated Delta inflows for the period 1/1/2001-12/31/2099. All units are cubic meters per second, except for salinity, which is unitless, per convention. For flows, the rows correspond to the date given in the first three columns (month, day, year), and the data columns are as follows (left to right).

  1. Yolo Bypass
  2. Sacramento River (Hood)
  3. "East side streams" (Mokelumme and Cosumnes Rivers)
  4. San Joaquin (Vernalis)
  5. Flows due to Delta Precipitation (derived as per DAYFLOW Qprec)
  6. Delta exports (as per DAYFLOW Qexports)
  7. Delta consumptive use (as per DAYFLOW Qgcd)
  8. Net Delta Outflow "Index" (as per DAYFLOW)

*Please note* that while all of the above Delta quantities have been disaggregated from monthly to daily in a manner intended to produce self-consistency among the 8 constituents, some discrepancies may occur. For example, at the daily scale, (inflows+precip) minus (exports+DCU) will not necessarily equal Delta outflow (though good agreement should occur at the monthly scale). You should use the data with this caveat in mind-- in this example, if you need Delta outflow, use that value directly rather than combining the other consituents to obtain it. Also note that in the case of Delta consumptive use, the DAYFLOW program also uses monthly values, and since DAYFLOW data are used in the disaggregation process, no further disaggregation was possible.

The file streamflows.dat in the daily_data directory contains some estimated daily river flows for the period 1/1/2001-12/31/2099. All units are cubic meters per second. The rows correspond to the date given in the first three columns (month, day, year), and the data columns are flows at locations as follows (left to right):

  1. Bend Bridge (Sacramento River near Red Bluff)
  2. Folsom outflow (American River near Fair Oaks)
  3. Stanislaus River below Goodwin reservoir
  4. Clear Creek near IGO
  5. Feather River near Gridley
  6. Yuba River near Marysville

Daily San Francisco Bay Salinities

Finally, rows in the salinity files are also days from 1/1/2001-12/31/2099, and the columns correspond to the 51 segments of the Uncles-Peterson Model (schematic by Neil Ganju HERE). These salinities were derived as described in the supplemental materials section of our PLoS ONE paper.

Contact: Noah Knowles


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